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Tabor-Loris Tribune
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Wednesday, February 26, 2003
                     by Duece Niven
Every time that I feel like I'm falling out, you're always there for me."
- Sentforth, from "Jehovah-Jireh"

Unabashedly Christian, a group of Tabor-Loris Community musicians embrace rock music and modern technology in a heartfelt work they say is about ministry, not money.

They've proven that with their debut compact disc recording, available online through More on that later.

"We're not out to make money, just to spread the word of Jesus Christ," says band member Buddy Clontz, who dropped a copy of the CD by recently. Anyone with Internet access can get this music for free.

I was grabbed by the opening piano on the first song, the above-mentioned Jehovah-Jireh. Band leader Kenny Carter of Loris wrote this powerful song, and many of the others. Patrice Rhodes also shares songwriting credits on this effort.

Carter's CD credits include keyboards, vocals and horns. Clontz handles lead and backing guitar parts, as well as drums. Rhodes' contribution includes vocal harmonies. Erik Carter adds rhythm and acoustic guitar talents to the songs, and served as digital recording engineer.

Kenny Carter's keyboard work pulled me in on the opening song. Clontz' lead guitar playing held me as Carter's soaring voice brought the music and the message together in a way reminiscent of some of the old Maranatha vinyl  recordings from the mid to late 1970s.

It Makes No Difference again highlights Clontz' lead guitar expertise with Kenny Carter's vocals blending with this smooth sound and evangelical message written by both Kenny Carter and Patrice Rhodes. Lyrics like "It makes no difference how great your sin, He'll forgive you just trust Him" define the theme and message of this musical effort.

For God So Loved the World sets Christianity's defining Biblical passage to an easy listening melody with a wonderful flute solo that takes me back to my teens and a Christian rock group I was associated with in Raeford (N.C.).

Steve Poole led the band, Civilization, and there was some wonderful musicianship from Lester Southern, Ken McDonald, Tim Strickland, and some others during the course of several years. Steve even gave me a trumpet solo on one song. My contribution generally involved setting up and running light and sound systems for the band.

I guess you would have called me a guest musician, but my favorite temporary contributor was Dawn Upchurch, who had a wonderful flute solo to a song Lester wrote. Ken, who is now general manager for The News Journal in Raeford, recently dug up an old Civilization recording and burned a CD for me. It's pretty poor quality, but a great blast from the past enjoyed best, and perhaps only, by those of us who were there then.

Quality is certainly not a problem for Sentforth. Their recording technology is first rate, and there's something on this CD, or online, for most musical tastes. I'll admit not every song is my musical cup of tea. but there's plenty of musical and spiritual nourishment here for just about everyone.

Sentforth's CD is on sale for just $7.98, and the songs can be downloaded for free at .


Reviews from for the song Jehovah-Jireh...

A nice christian rock anthem
wow big rock vibe, the guitar has more body than a viking longship...the vox are very mid 80's stylized stuff...sounds really good...this is sort of like toto with phillip bailey doing the vocals....but really cliches aside it is a nice combination of elements and a clear sign you guys know what you are doing....

Extra Credit: Production
- Geo5 Respond to this reviewer
San Francisco, California [flag]

Yahweh Yareh - Now He Rocks!
Don't hear enough keyboards just being keyboards in this genre anymore. It's a nice way to start. Guitar sound is great. Man there is some good production here. Very good sounds. Arrangement is excellent too. Praise God - some in your face - open worship. What a brave move on this medium. Seriously. I think it's great. The lyrics really worked for me. Loved them. Strong song, strong message, strong performance. Good work.
- grapehite Respond to this reviewer
Dubbo, N.S.W, Australia [flag]
Great intro ....very emotional
well written song,transitions are great,verses are great,chorus is great.Xlnt lead vocals and arraingement. lyrics are xlnt,nice bridge,great guitar very tasty. ya' can't go wrong praising our Lord!!!!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood
- davidrayreed Respond to this reviewer
Anderson/San Francisco, California

Keep on praisin'
Kudos!!! I really liked this. Very refreshing to hear. It sounds professional. Not to mention I am sure it's not only pleasing to the ears of God, but also a fragrant offering of praise to Him. I commend you not only on its creativity and production, but on your steadfastness in a crumbling world.

Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production
- californiaICE Respond to this reviewer
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Inspirational, soulful rock ballad with great guitar
There is some absolutely killer guitar work going on in this song, that uses alot of the chord-progressions that were common in mid-seventies bands like, Queen, Ian Hunter, Elton John, Billy Joel, and David Bowie to bring about the artist's message. The interplay between the guitar solos and the piano is what really makes this "vibe" possible, just by the sheer number of beautiful note combinations one can incorporate. The song utilizes this to its advantage, and it actually makes the piece quite interesting just as a piece of music alone.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Melody, Mood

- Hungryfreak Respond to this reviewer
Dublin, Ohio
Powerful song...
great lyrics...i found myself worshiping God with you! Powerful and strong vocals mate! Sung with conviction and alot of emotion! The gtar work is tasteful as well, the piano is a great touch, thanx for the song! cheers

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Lyrics, Melody, Mood

Special Award: Best Feel Good Track

- flatstik Respond to this reviewer
Geelong, Victoria, Australia


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